Manchester Academy 3 with GUN and The Wild Lies - A review by Paul Cooke of Manchester Rocks

Early arrivals to Manchester’s Academy 3 are treated to tonight a fine display from young power trio Renegade & Retrospect. Culling influences from late 60’s hard rock and infusing their sound with a modern twist the hometown band perform a set of hip swaying, head bobbing majesty that belies their youth. Already a tight unit, they inject an early enthusiasm into the evening’s proceedings. A blazing cover of Hendrix classic Fire goes down particularly well and a bruising jam through the Zeps’ Moby Dick is tagged on the end of their own composition, Continuity. When you work hard all week, everyone needs a little R’n’R.

Our debut E.P 'Unorthodox Satisfaction' Reviewed by Kennedee Jo Karine of Manchester Rocks

The band Renegade and Retrospect are one to watch, with an unique sound and a playing style so in sync it seems they were meant to be.

Their debut album Unorthodox Satisfaction Is in a class of its own, they are a refreshing band with an intense sound to match perfectly. Unorthodox Satisfaction gives a look at the impressive guitar skills with many solos, the solos create a sense of excitement and eagerness to hear what comes next; through the album the guitar continues to impress with volume, scaling and alterations where no riff sounds the same.

The drums are spectacular and powerful especially when the drums are the start to the song as in the song Blinded Paradise. There are main focuses on this stunning instrument and it's skills. On many occasions through out the album there are drum solos , they are all clever and precise which maintains the importance of drums in a song. Another song proving it's importance is the bass, especially when the focus is concentrated on the surprisingly strong bass line accompanying every song on this EP.

Within the song Unorthodox Satisfaction it begins gentle with an acoustic guitar taking the main focus until the bass overpowers and hardens the song, it makes room for the rest of the song paving the way for an incredible song, which becomes one of the most intriguing song on the album.

Over all, the band deserve wide spread attention for this ep. Not many bands can create such a unique sound and such an unbelievable listening experience. This band are going places and will have no problem getting there by the sounds of it.

A live review from Gavin Walker of The Bolton News from 2013

"The fact that they are using the classic rock sound to write their own stuff is a refreshing change from the plethora of cover bands who turgidly churn out the old stuff you have heard a million times before. These are a band to watch and this reviewer will certainly be watching them again. Catch them if you can."

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